Five ways to help you stop worrying so much

Our mind is filled with thoughts, thoughts of various patterns. Positive thoughts, negative thoughts, random thoughts, thoughts influenced by trauma, thoughts with turbulence. Our thoughts carve our reality. Worrying has always caused an ill effect on the holistic health of a person. Our brain reads the patterns of our thoughts and is more attached to the thoughts which are constantly repeated, and yes, worrying is a process in where the thoughts are repeated continuously.

Have you ever wondered, it takes at least 20 to 30 minutes for you to get drained or feel tired by doing a workout, but just by thinking and stressing for 5 to 15minutes continuously, you feel exhausted that’s because the brain requires energy to process a piece of information, but when its stressed out the process gets burdened up and it requires more energy.

The process of worrying gets stronger day by day and also stronger as the years’ pass. The consistent effort in worrying opens doors for loads of mental health issues. It even weakens your immune system. Your mood results from your physical health, mood, and physical health have loads of connections in common.


Emotions can spread from one person to another. Imagine you being worried, and people around you are constantly triggering your sadness and putting you down. Or you are not able to speak up about your emotions properly. Yes, such people exist in everyone’s life, it’s good to manage this set of people from a distance. We need to build people in life who could help us build up resilience and instill an optimistic trait. The right kind of people will help us boost our confidence level, increase our self-worth, and never criticize you.



Setting up a Worry Time

Sometimes worrying is a non-negotiable issue. Some problems need brainstorming from us, and we need to allocate time for it so that it does not interfere with our daily scheduled jobs. When people get into the vicious cycle of worrying, they lose their quality of the work because its half-minded work. A worrying person puts more of his mind into worrying and less into work. This is not a healthy thing in a workplace or even in a relationship. So allocating some time for worrying is a good strategy. It can reduce anxious thoughts and give you better sleep. By making a worrying time, we make sure that we control our worrying and need to evaluate it in a very conscious way.

2.    Pen down your worries

Worrying is a process where negative and anxious thoughts hit you back to back. It drains so much energy and confidence in your mind. Here the thoughts get coiled up on one by one to another it’s. After a very long duration of consistent t worrying the negative and anxious thoughts gets coiled up so much that it becomes robust and is very hard to even explain our emotions our worrying patterns to someone. 

The better way to cope with this is to pen down things happening in our mind, and writing is a very conscious process. When you write, you go through each and every thought in your mind in a very detailed manner. It helps you to narrow down things one by one and to see things from a different perspective. As mentioned before in the process of worrying the thoughts gets repeated constantly and it gets tied up and writing helps us to untie the not.

3.Understand the reality

When we try hard to control things, we tend to live in the future we miss the present. Practicing the attitude of letting go will make us realize nothing is permanent. We need to create opportunities for ourselves to live in the present moment. We need to consciously realize how our mind is burden with anxiety and worries. We need to strive consistently to develop this understanding of our mind and self.

When we are obligated under worries, we are disassociated from the very own existing reality. A better understanding of reality will help us and also help other people through us.

4. Learn to differentiate between your worries

Whatever skills set your practice or instill in you, always, at last, there is going to be millions of thoughts bombarding your mind which you cannot stop, but you can control them. Same with worries there will be situations in our life where we will face things which will cause us to worry, but choosing to worry or not to worry is within ourselves. When we are able to differentiate between our problems and try to focus our energy on problems which can be solved then things turn up into a healthy manner.

But, it happens very rarely. When we face any bad thought in our head, all the other previous negative thoughts and more predicted bad outcomes, and everything gets bulged up, then it drags us into it. It becomes very hard for us to process things after that smoothly.

Once we learn where to invest our focus, then we play the game right. We need to understand that some problems cannot be solved and at least that some problems cannot be solved in a short period of time, and it needs time, so a solution pops in your head.


Find happiness within yourself

Life itself is a  un-hypothetical phenomena, and next moment is always of mystery which can be unfolded in either way. But from a logical point of view, it is always unpredictable. So seeking happiness for the long run from materialistic or external factors will attract misery in life.

One must find happiness within himself, from his small gestures towards life, perception towards life.

The more you want, the more misery you attract. But the more you seek within, the more internal bliss you experience. Listening to the song, traveling, reading books, these small things gain your more internal bliss. There is know much effort to make these things happen.

It’s not like when you do these things you don’t feel any bad emotions, but still, you will have loads of positiveness in you. These things make your heart much bigger, where worrying becomes a small part of it. The larger your heart, the happier you are.









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