What is Anxiety attack and quick techniques to calm down

Every individual experiences stress and anxiety at some stage of life due to specific obligations toward society, the workplace, and the family. A thrive to excel and flourish us motivated but at the same time also lures undue pressure and failures.

Anxiety is a common known psychological disorder. It has a generalized notion in the society as its common to everyone. But anxiety as a normal subject when escalated to a higher degree then it becomes a very non-negotiable issue. Anxiety becomes a very critical factor when it gets associated with other psychological disorders.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to threat. An automated trigger which gets activated whenever you feel scared, pressurized, or in an unfamiliar situation. In reality, Anxiety is not such a bad thing. It could help you to stay attentive, focused, and energized; but when stress is constant, it will start to affect your daily life activities and might bring change in your behavior.

Since anxiety disorders mixture of connected conditions instead of one disorder, symptoms might vary from person to person. One individual might suffer from intense anxiety attacks that strike with caution, and other may not require a prior caution.

Anxiety attack

Everything gets out of control when there is an anxiety attack. Which is not a normal condition, and it’s very terrible to understand and very hard to focus on the right decision when you have one occurring.

Anxiety attack takes over our body, and we start experiencing physical sensation too quickly.

Chest pain, head pain, no rhythmic beating patterns, over thinking, nervousness, dizziness, feeling of fatigue, tightness in the throat or feeling like you’re choking, dry mouth, sweating, chills or hot flashes, trembling or shaking, numbness or tingling (paresthesia),

It’s very hard for a person to tell or explain what he is going through. Most people don’t open up or explain what they are going through because of the reason it’s very hard to explain and the other major factor which makes peoples not to open is that a anxiety attack may happen to someone even for a very small reason which maybe not a big things as measured to most of the common people.

Anxiety may be a response to a selected worry or concern. It tends to develop bit by bit, and an individual is sometimes distressed or involved at the point in time. It may be delicate, moderate, or severe. There is also a way that if solely this explicit drawback may be resolved, everything is very well.

Anxiety attacks can be very much haunting for an individual, it causes trauma and affects a person’s mental and physical health.

With an anxious nature in life, people tend to lose to maintain most of the shared priorities. Our cognition gets weaker and duller, and also we feel very detached from our body and ourselves.

Anxiety attacks or described as panic attacks (there are loads of types of panic attacks, as panic attacks correlate a lot with anxiety attacks most of the times both are classified together), are episodes of intense panic or fear. Anxiety attacks occur instantly and without any prior warning.

Anxiety attacks typically peak at intervals of ten minutes, and that seldom lasts over a half-hourHoweverthroughout that short time, you’ll expertise terror therefore severe that you feel as if you’re close to die or lose control over life. The physical symptoms of attacks are so severe, so they think they had a heart attack. When the Associate attack is over, you’ll worry about having another one, which causes you to be more anxious about it. It is a cycle of trauma.

quick techniques to calm down

> Take slow deep breaths. After you feel your breath quickening, focus your attention on every inhale and exhale. Feel your abdomen get pilled with air as you inhale. Count from four as you exhale. Repeat till your respiration slows.

>Recognize and settle for what you’re experiencing. Fix your mind firmly, recognize your emotions, and realize it is unbelievably scary when you start. Inform yourself that the symptoms can pass, and you’ll be alright.

> Practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness-based interventions have shown signs of progress in the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. Mindfulness could be a technique that may assist you in grounding your thoughts within your mind. You can use Mindfulness to monitor your thoughts without interpreting or reacting to them actively.

> Use relaxation techniques. Relaxation techniques embody guided mental imagery, aromatherapy, and muscle relaxation. Suppose you’re experiencing symptoms of nervousness or fearfulness and attempt to do things that you notice reposefulShut your eyes, take a shower, or use smells your fond of that have reposeful effects.

· Manage stress. If your stress levels square measure through the roof, stress management will facilitateVerify your responsibilities and see if there square measure any you’ll hand over, turn down, or delegate to others.

· follow relaxation techniques. Once practiced frequently, relaxation techniques like Mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep respiration will scale back anxiety symptoms and increase feelings of relaxation and emotional well-being.

· Get enough sleep. A scarcity of sleep will exacerbate anxious thoughts and feelings, thus getting seven to 9 hours of quality sleep an evening.

· Be sensible concerning caffeine, alcohol, and other substance. If you struggle with anxiety, you’ll wish to think about reducing your caffeine intake or cutting it out entirelyEqually, alcohol can even build anxiety worse. But cutting it suddenly will also cause an imbalance, so sensible consumption is a very smart way of handling it.

·Stop chronic worrying. Worrying could be a mental habit you’ll learn the way to interrupt. Fixing a worrying time (fixing a time to think about your problems) or allocating some time to build patience. Learning to accept uncertainty will considerably scale back worry and calm your anxious thoughts.






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